tsuchiura store



: 464-567-686
: 土浦
: o シティホテル
: From Shinagawa / Gotanda to all 23 wards of Tokyo, all over Tokyo, some areas in Kanagawa prefecture
: 金髪・外国人デリヘル
: Open all year round
: 11: 00-LAST (Reception hours: 10: 00-5: 00)

Slender big breasts special feature

    Completely Japanese married woman shop ♪ We will guide you with a maximum discount of 5000 yen for new customers The mother is the Moas Group, which has more than 40 stores in the Kanto region! !! Will be in direct line sister store of married Castle Married flower beds, Marutsumajiru "head office" ♪ · · · as Ibaraki Prefecture opened the first store in early 1994 a little less than ♪ and came to Tsuchiura on September 25, 2015


When accepting a call, enter the discount details applied in "I saw the delivery health navigation".


18000 分 60 円

60 分 13000 円

Open special price ☆

入会金 0 円 指名料 2000 円
Regular course
60 分 90 分 120 分 180 分 Extension fee every 30 minutes 分 Extension 30 Minutes 分
18000 円 27000 円 28500 円 40500 円 10000 円 8500 円

100 minutes 18,000 yen (2,000 yen OFF!)

○クレジットカード ○クレジットカード
1000 円 Near Odori Park and Naka Ward, Minami Ward, Nishi Ward, Minatomirai
2000 円 [Hotels around Shinagawa Station] Shinagawa Ward
3000 円 Minato Ward, Shibuya Ward, Shinjuku Ward, Chiyoda Ward, Chuo Ward, Ota Ward, Meguro Ward, Setagaya Ward (partial)
4000 円 Setagaya Ward, Suginami Ward, Nakano Ward, Bunkyo Ward, Koto Ward, Sumida Ward, Taito Ward, Nerima Ward, Itabashi Ward, Toshima Ward
5000 円 Kawasaki City: Miyamae Ward, Tama Ward, Asao Ward / Zama Ward, Ayase City, Yokosuka City (Hotel Only) Atsugi City (Hotel Only), Ebina City, Kangawa Town, Chigasaki City, Zushi City, Hayama City, Machida City
6000 円 Miura City, Hiratsuka City, Isehara City, Atsugi City (home), Yokosuka City (home)

[Please feel free to contact us even in places not listed ♪]

Fishnet tights 1000 円 Hotel) 35000 円
Pink rotor) 2,000 円 Vibe 2000 円
69) free 円 Electric vibrator 5000 円
gulp) free 円 gulp free 円
Face shower) free 円 Sexy panties takeaway free 円
Watching masturbation) 5000 円 Unlimited launch 8000 円
Whole body lip) free 円 Raw blowjob free 円
Ball licking) free 円 Rimjob free 円

[Please feel free to contact us even in places not listed ♪]




In using the store, we are a good store that has been notified of the New Wind Business Law, and all illegal acts including actual acts are strictly prohibited. We do not accept the following people. ■ Those who are in the same trade or who perform pulling out / scouting ■ Those who are drunk ・Those who are using cannabis, thinner, stimulants ■ Those who are related to gangsters or those who are similar ■ Minors